We hope everyone stays safe and has biscotti with them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: Do you use any preservatives?

A: No we don't.


Q: Can you make a unique flavor, style or color for me?

A: Yes, check out our Custom Orders Page for ideas, then you can send us an email!


Q: How long will my online order take?

A: We strive to process all online orders in 1 business day.  That means we expect to have your order baked and dropped off at our local carrier the next business day.  We use priority USPS mail as our standard shipping service, which promises to deliver in 1-3 business days.  


Q: What if I don't like my biscotti?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds at this time if you don't like the taste of our product. If your biscotti is ruined before it gets to you, we can work on a refund. We know this involves trust, that is why we offer Free Samples to anyone willing to pay for the shipping.


Q: Do you bake your Gluten-Free biscotti in a separate area?

We bake our gluten-free biscotti in a separate, gluten-free mixer, using separate, gluten-free baking sheets, but they are baked in the same oven as our non-gluten-free cookies.  They are also stored in the same store (separate bins) as non-gluten-free cookies.